Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wow! Windows Easy Transfer!...Wizard

This week end when i was talking to one of my friends, she was very happy and excited as she got a brand new laptop at her work place.
She was excited about the new set up, new hardware features in her latest laptop, features she already explored, and features still need to be explored.
Same time, she was too upset as she had to submit the old laptop soon and she has all her code in her old laptop and that needs to be released in next 10 days. Her thousands of personal files,
beautiful photos to cherish and those favourite music files?

i said anyways you can start transfering files, what's the big deal?
"when i started to trasfer a single folder over network, it took 20 minutes to transfer a 77 mb folder". and i have 45 GB of files and folders to be copied. Phew!!!
Hmm.... first i cursed to her network bandwidth.
then i said, do you know about the Windows easy share feature taht Win 7 has?
i am sorry, i m new to Win 7. ok but it should still be there in your old laptop. even if that is Vista or xp, no worries! it will still work. you can download easily from web.

i said: simply try this out:

1: Open Windows Easy Transfer by clicking the Start button .
2:  In the search box, type Easy Transfer, and then, in the list of results, click Windows Easy Transfer.‌  3: If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
it is a wizard, extremely easy to start. try once, other wise you have any ways another  days to go to bang your head on other possible opportunities. 
she said, ok, let me try this out today, will keep you posted anyways...we disconnected with a punct.
In the evening when i was checking my emails, that reminded me of my dear friend, i called her to check if she had any luck.
After simple greetings, i just asked, so still checking for possible oppotunities?
She replied with a chuckle, "What's the big Deal?...Windows easy Transfer Wizard takes care of all my files and folders..."
and when i smiled, she laughed with a sigh of relief.
and i still wanted to get herself engaged.... "and what about your windows periodic back up??"
Let me have that in another article.

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