Soul Inspiration


What is it?

So many blogs, so many practitionaners, we have specific cenetrs who make people’s life move towards positive attitude and inspire them.

Sunday paper filled with inspiration. What is this all about? Why so many people need inspiration? Why other people want to inspire people?

Is it something people should learn how to inspire people? Or is it that people need to learn how to get inspired? Does it have something to do with me as well?

With all these questions puzzling my mind, I needed a break! With my coffee mug in my right hand and a small plate with few rice grains I go to my balcony.

I usually come here when I need a break. With in a few minutes of time, 2 little sparrows come and sit and start picking up these small grains from that plate. They are the regular visitors who frequently take shelter at the back of our 2nd bedroom. Wow! I said, let me take a pic while they pick up the grains.

After taking a shot, I come inside and it’s 7 in the morning, oh no, I am committed to a good health, I have to go for a walk. I feel lazy, not feeling like going out. Suddenly I can see my doggie ’Snowy’ barking at the kitchen door with her neck chain in her mouth. i can forget but she never forgets the timing. She is all set here for a walk. She forces me to walk. yes, if she can why cant I?

She also takes care of my pace, she understands when I can no more run after her, she slows down. Perfect health partner I can say!

My husband always talks about less oily breakfast, green tea and all as a precaution to our modern life style. Accordingly I prepare breakfast.

I pack my lunch and headed to office. Recently the new collge hires have joined in and one of them is in my project and I am his buddy. I met him today again my 5th meeting with him, had a casual chat to make himself friendly with the work environment. All meetings before this never talked about the project. His orientation took 4 days. Being his buddy, he came to me with any information he needed at any point of time.

Today I was supposed to talk to him about my project and assign him some task. His ideas are as fresh as He is from college. He talks about innovation, how the IT world should operate, what all new products we should have, talks like a gadget guru. And worst of all, he does not like the kind of work we are doing today! Oh Man, no one told me this till date. Atleast I never felt this for the kind of work I am doing. He is dreaming of all new things, to change the world, he is talking to me as if I his college buddy and not a colleague. For a minute, I go back to my college days, I talk to him in his language, and I could feel … I am liking it. It is so natural, so free of worries, it is what my heart says. No sugar coated words, straight from heart, to the point.

I feel, I have to come back to reality now, I talk to him about the kind of work he is supposed to do for next 3 weeks of time. I talk to him about the task, and how easi task I have assigned to him as he is new to work environment. Take your time, no need to panic, do what ever you can, let me know if you are stuck. He asked me in return, how much time usually a experienced person takes to develop this task, I said he might take 3 days to a weeks time. But you don’t have to worry about it. He says,” I have learnt one thing from you”. I said “what?“.

“How to redo the same work in a different way and keep one busy!”. I could not stop laughing. I said, “this is just a glimps of work life you are entering in.”

This is not just re-doing the same thing in a different way, this is one of the opportunities for you to showcase that the way you have coded is the best and can be a patent for rest of the world!”

Now he is delighted. And ….if you can showcase this, and if you think you really want to innovate something and not re-invent the wheel everytime, there are projects who need innovators. But for that you have to qualify first.

He is now serious, and I am relieved as well, it is very difficult to convince this young at heart and young at minds.

 At least I am exhausted! After a long day in office, I am back home. Again a coffee mug …no …no a green tea in my right hand, and paper on left.  An article on paper from speaking Tree, ‘……think about all that inspires you for doing something positive, something right…may not be perfectly……but with a positive attitude….’ Again I am back to same thought in the morning, Inspiration!

When I look at my day’s activities, the bird inspired me to take a photograph, it may not be a perfect picture, but it helps me think about taking a best picture.

The dog inspires me to think about my health, forcefully I do it, but later I am happy that I went for a walk, this happiness helps me getting up tomorrow morning and going for it again.

My husband inspires me to get into a healthy diet. He inspires me to take care of him, as he is so dear to me. The ways he takes care of me. He stopped taking the milk tea and started green tea so that I can join him as well.

And last but not the least, the college hire, for some time, he taught me the reality, without any fear, no sugar coated words, he was honest and transparent in his communication.

We sometimes become selfish and self centered, and ignore all these, we forget to learn from these simplw activities, from people just around us. I don’t know what I learned from the CEO that day at my workplace. But this college hire taught me not to fear and put forward your word, so that it can be heard right. He was my inspiration that day to get ready for my next meeting next day!

Look around you, there is something positive point that the person or a creature as little as bird exhibits which can bring about a change the way you are thinking!