Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Simple...but i ignored it until i needed it urgently.. access a shared network location using different credentials

When i logged in as a user, andnot as an admin, i figured out that i need some files urgently which is in a network share and i dont have access on the same.

until recently i worked as an admin.... now i am just a user! Oops.... i forgot that i am testing the applciation as a simple user!

how do i access a network share with a different credential in Windows 7 OS machine?

the next best thing i could do was to search in internet, Google, bing.....but surprisingly i dint find the answer so easily.

this is so simple requirement...yet i dont know..... as simple as accessing a network share!, but out of my knowledge store!

after doing some R & D, this is the solution or rather one of the solutions!

1: in Run prompt, type \\server, Right click on the shared folder, then choose "Map Network Drive..."

Check the box that says "Connect using different credentials"

2: click ok and it prompts the user for the credentials to be used for logging in.

3: provide teh same and you are done. in your local machine, access the mapped drive.

Alternative command line:
\\server\public password /user:username /savecred /persistent:yes

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